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We are so excited to announce...... 

Rising Stars, 

in addition to our regular dance classes,

is also proud to be an official, licensed 

 Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy! 


ResizedAngelina-StudentAngelina Ballerina Dance Academy classes are taught through a nationwide network of top quality dance studios.

As with our regular Rising Stars' dance classes, students enrolled in the Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy classes will receive a quality dance education in a caring and fun environment. All classes are based on the beloved Angelina Ballerina character and students can wear the same dance attire that Angelina wears, including the ears. How fun is that?

Our Angelina Ballerina classes will be taught by the same caring, qualified and nurturing teachers your child has come to love: Miss Lindsay, Miss Amy, Miss Cara, Miss Amanda and Miss Roe. The Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy curriculum was designed by internationally renowned master teachers and child development experts. 

The Angelina Ballerina Dance Academy classes are ballet based classes and perform a recital routine in our Rising Stars' show in May. 


Because the Angelina Ballerina curriculum is based on Angelina Ballerina stories, they have different curriculums from other Rising Stars' dance classes, and can be taken separately or as an addition class.


The classes are broken into two levels by age.  

Level 1 is for:      3 years old - 4 1/2 years old.


Level 2 is for:      4 1/2 year olds - 6 years old. 

Through the stories, songs and dance routines, your child will be inspired to pursue their dreams of dance, just like Angelina Ballerina!






Call for class times & information (732-462-5505). 




Register today and your little star with big dreams will develop the love

and skills of dance that will last for a lifetime!! 

Here are some photos from our Angelina Ballerina classes:

A free open house class we had at the beginning of the year:  PHOTOS