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Miss Heather Fischler

Acro & Competition Acro Instructor

FischlerHeather began her dance career right here at Rising Stars over 15 years ago. She was trained under Rising Stars director Joelle Iuliano for most of her dance career. Heather started as a student and has been part of the Rising Stars talented family ever since. She became part of the very successful STARS (Select Teacher Assistants of Rising Stars) program and dedicated her time to assisting the teachers before becoming a full-time instructor herself. Heather graduated from Rider University with a bachelors degree in Elementary Education and Special Education and is currently a special education teacher in the Manalapan Englishtown School District. In addition to dance, Heather is a certified USASF member in level 1 & 2 in tumbling, stunting, and tossing. Heather created the very popular Acro program at Rising Stars 8 years ago. The program is one of the fastest growing programs within the Rising stars curriculum. The program under Heather's leadership continues to grow year after year and has recently seen a tremendous increase. Heather's ability to relate and connect with her students is what makes the Acro Program such a success. Heather's Acro program, like so many other programs at Rising Stars, has achieved Platinum level performances year after year as well as High-Gold and Gold.

Besides dance, Heather works at the Manalapan Recreation Summer Camp where she inspires hundreds of campers to get involved, just like she inspires her students to shine off the stage and into the audience. Heather believes that leadership is derived from service to others and has volunteered numerous hours to the American Cancer Society. She has started two separate Relays For Life, one at Rider University and one at Milfrod Brook Elementary School. Heather teaches her students that there is more to life than just the bubble we live in. Her positive attitude has inspired thousands of people to get involved. Her high energy and enthusiasm has students FLIPPING for her.